The summary of Italian students’ internships in OPTIMA company 22.06.2017

IMG_9465Beatrice and Luca, students of the Italian vocational school, today have completed a four-week practice under Erasmus + program in our company. As a leader of the renewable energy industry, we had a pleasure to acquaint them with the latest technological developments related to the ecological heating systems. They had a possibility, among others, to work with photovoltaic installations and to acquaint with the work of modern drilling rig (Geodrill 4R) which does boreholes for heat pumps in GRD technology.
The involvement of trainees evaulates very well Pawel Wyszynski, the owner of OPTIMA POLSKA. As he claims, the students was actively involved in the work of the company and in the implementation of tasks they were entrusted with. They cared to learn as much as possible. They were very nice and very disciplined. In turn, the trainees confirm that they appreciated an opportunity to benefit from the vast experience and knowledge of the company’s employees.
We hope that the internship in OPTIMA POLSKA will allow young Italians to plan their careers and will facilitate the setting of professional preferences that will decide in the future on success.